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Advisory Panel

About The Panel

The Racial Equity Advisory Panel was established by Act 9 of the 2018 Special Session and signed into law by Governor Phil Scott on June 28, 2018. One of the first duties of the Panel was to recommend candidates to the Governor for the Executive Director of Racial Equity–a new, Cabinet-level position in state government created under Act 9. The Panel receives administrative, legal, and technical support from the Agency of Administration.


The Panel’s Work

The Racial Equity Advisory Panel works with the Executive Director of Racial Equity to implement reforms, advises the Executive Director to ensure ongoing compliance with the purpose of the legislation, advises the Governor on strategies for remediating systemic racial disparities in statewide systems of government, and reports progress to the Legislature.


Panel Membership

Per the enabling statute, the Panel is comprised of 5 members, appointed collectively by all three branches of state government. The Panel members represent a diverse set of skills and expertise, and each member contributes a unique perspective drawn from professional and personal experience. The members are

  • Andrea Brett, Chair, appointed by Speaker of the House Mitzi Johnson
  • Clarence Davis, appointed by Governor Phil Scott
  • Weiwei Wang, appointed by the Human Rights Commission
  • Zoraya Hightower, appointed by the Senate Committee on Committees
  • Superior Judge Nancy Waples, appointed by Chief Justice Paul L. Reiber


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