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Office of Racial Equity

The State of Vermont is committed to building on local, state, and national efforts to advance equity and social justice, and recognizes the important role government holds in removing structural barriers and increasing meaningful inclusion and representation. The Office of Racial Equity has grown in scope and size since its formation in 2019, in response to the urgent calls for more action and solution-oriented dialogue on issues of justice and equity. The Office works with local, state, federal, and non-profit partners to advance equity in all areas of life in Vermont.


We are

  • partners with all branches of government
  • certified to administer the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI)
  • able to assist in the following languages: English, Español


We are not

  • law enforcement (see this page for more)
  • the only office in state government working on equity
  • exclusively focused on only certain racial and ethnic groups—we support equity for all of Vermont’s residents and visitors


Executive Director of Racial Equity

Xusana Davis [🕪 pronunciation] serves as the State of Vermont’s Executive Director of Racial Equity. She was appointed to the position in June 2019 by Governor Phil Scott. She works with state agencies to identify and address systemic racial disparities, ensure that equity goals and objectives are incorporated throughout the State's operations, and provide strategic and policy guidance on equity issues.


Prior to joining the State of Vermont, she served as Director of Health & Housing Strategic Initiatives at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and as the Director of the Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus of the New York City Council.


She holds a Juris Doctor with a concentration in International Human Rights Law from New York Law School, where she also directed a civil liberties education program for low-income youth and youth of color. She studied Anthropology and Philosophy at Fordham University, earning the Rev. J. Franklin Ewing, S.J. Award for writing on the relationship between global human rights violations and the proliferation of HIV/AIDS.


Xusana is first-generation in the U.S., and proud to be a Spanish-fluent Latina who approaches her work from a multicultural perspective.


Policy & Research Analyst

The Policy & Research Analyst works with the three branches of state government and with external entities. The Analyst conducts policy and data analyses to inform implementation of the statewide equity plan. The Analyst brings an equity lens to all aspects of research and policy analysis by applying equity principles to traditional research methods.



Education & Outreach Associate

The Racial Equity Education & Outreach Associate interacts with residents, visitors, press, and other sectors of government. The Associate builds training curricula, liaises with communities around the state, and helps state and local leaders apply an equity lens to their work through education and close communication.



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